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BestSens AG 3. Platz Businessplanwettbewerb

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lindner, Christoph Brückner, Wolfgang Diller, Lars Meisenbach, Sebastian Stich, Rolf Krebs (Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft der Stadt Coburg mbH)

Business plan contest North Bavaria 2011


Thanks to the structured planning of their spin-off from the University of Coburg, BestSens won the third price in the business plan contest of North Bavaria. BestSens impressed the Jury with their product, market analysis, the growth potential and their well-founded financial planning.

A twelve year old boy explains the business model of BestSens in a video clip as follows: “They make something to check the oil in rolling bearings. Rolling bearings are used in wind power stations, for example. With bearings, wind turbines mounted on a tower can spin. Now you can watch the lubricating film at home on your computer and nobody needs to climb up the tower anymore.“

A product idea as seen with the eyes of a child

Indeed, the high-tech product from BestSens delivers important information about the lubrication in bearings. Currently we focus on high-performance bearings for machine tool spindles. Another array of products will be developed specifically for large bearings used in windpower stations and other power stations.

The business concept of BestSens

Financially supported by a start-up program, the entrepreneur team began to put the award-winning business concept into practice on August 1, 2011. Now that everything – from financing to founding the company, entering the market and establishing itself – has been accomplished, the foundations for a successful future are laid.


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